In premises of 800 m2, a team of mountain professionals will ensure the preparation and repair of the rental equipment.Equipped with our automated tunnel robots, this workshop centralises and processes nearly 65,000 pairs of skis and snowboards throughout the winter.

Ensuring a maintenance top of the range and exceptional quality, our skimans are committed to customer satisfaction.

In a state of perpetual adaptation in the face of the snow conditions, our team of professionals applies a rigorous maintenance for your equipment.Thanks to the mechanical engineering know-how of the REICHMAN group, in collaboration with CHATEX, we benefit from the latest modern, high-performance machines. The group's expertise allows us to offer a high quality maintenance and repair service for our rental equipment.

Our SF-1 robot, the only one of its kind in France, allows us to process up to 100 pairs of skis per hour! It performs several essential tasks in the preparation and maintenance of ski equipment.

  • The first step is to prepare the soles with the technique of sanding. We obtain a smooth, uniform surface necessary to resolve the skis. The second step is the structuring and flattening of the ski.

  • Then it is the turn of the edges to be sharpened, the steel parts located on each side of the skis. The sharpening of the edges maximizes the grip on the snow and lets you get a slip for more accurate and enjoyable.

  • The before-last step is to smooth every edge and make it quite sharp so as to facilitate the triggering of the turn.

  • Finally, the last step is the waxing of the toes. Not only is the waxing allows you to increase the durability of the material, but it is also essential to ski any type of snow, regardless of skiing conditions.

Thanks to our SF-1 the daily maintenance of the skis is faster and more efficient.

Our 110 sports shops located in the ski resort are well supplied throughout the winter season. Our clients are thus directly delivered to the station, and have only to enjoy their ski holiday !

Our workshop also allows us to refurbish our second hand skis and snowboards presented for sale on SkiOccas 

Discover the reconditioning of used equipment