Ski Touring


Ski touring is the ideal way to clear your mind and get away from it all in the heart of nature. Calm, serenity, wide open spaces, all the reasons are good to get started! Beginner or professional, every skier enjoys a feeling of freedom to discover every corner of the mountain in complete autonomy with this endurance sport. 

Ski touring brings together several mountain practices. First of all, ski mountaineering is a discipline where the skier evolves on steep and demanding terrain, with steep slopes and rocky or even glacial passages to cross. Then, ski touring is very much appreciated by all outdoor enthusiasts. It allows you to reach the crests and explore the still virgin slopes with light equipment to appreciate every step on the way up. Finally, freerando is a contraction of freeriding and hiking. It is the favourite discipline of freeriders! After reaching the summits, the skiers hurtle down the powder fields taking advantage of equipment offering good buoyancy in the heart of a rich and varied nature. To take advantage of this practice, discover all our second-hand skis


The BANDIT ROSSIGNOL ski touring package will enable you to reach the summits while enjoying a real sliding experience. Equipped with sealskins, these touring skis are perfect to fully enjoy your favourite playground. For all ski touring enthusiasts, this ski equipment will meet the needs of the most demanding sportsmen and women. Thanks to their innovative construction, they combine lightness, buoyancy and manoeuvrability for maximum pleasure when descending in powder fields.

VÖLKL touring skis are both manoeuvrable and dynamic. Optimal support transmission in every turn ensures control and precision even on the most technical slopes. They offer good buoyancy in powder snow and will appeal to freeride enthusiasts looking for maximum downhill thrills.

Finally, if you want to alternate between ascending and descending phases, opt for the HAGAN SKYRAIDER ski touring pack. These touring skis are very stable and easy to handle, providing good sliding sensations. After reaching the crests, freeriders will appreciate their playfulness in powder snow. Performing well uphill, they release all their power and performance when going downhill in fresh snow!

For a complete equipment, discover all our second-hand ski boots and other ski accessories!