Ski Jacket

Ski jackets & winter Clothes

The QUECHUA men's ski jacket BIONNASSAY XWARM is a model very versatile. Thanks to its padding of down and duck feather, impossible to get cold on the ski slopes ! In the outer layer or the second layer, it protects you from cold and weather conditions without any compromise with your comfort. Offering a good freedom of movement, you can easily negotiate your turns. Also nice to wear for your sessions ski, your walks along the trail, or enjoy a glass of mulled wine on the terrace, you may never want to leave !

As to the down jacket man HELIUM DOWN XWARM, it will meet all your expectations during your outdoor activities. Very hot, it will be indispensable in the period of great cold. Very pleasant to wear in everyday life as on the slopes, it protects you in all circumstances, even during winter conditions harsh. Thanks to its trim, and its 340 g of a down, thickening power guarantees you a excellent barrier against the cold.

The down jacket XTRA WARM has been specially designed to meet the extreme cold and winter conditions are the harshest. Very comfortable, it offers excellent thermal insulation and captures heat to keep you warm in daily life or for your winter walks. Thanks to its long cut, it is impossible to catch a cold ! In addition, it has a padding of down and duck feather for maximum performance against the cold and inclement weather.

Finally, the WED'ZE ski jacket MAXTRIP is very durable for the winter. With a membrane Novadry, it offers excellent water repellence and breathability even during effort sport intense. As well, you stay cool and dry throughout the day. In addition, it has a snow skirt to create a barrier against the snow for your adventures in the powder. Finally, it is equipped with the RECCO system® which increases your chances of hire in the event of an avalanche.

Jackets & Vests hiking

The hiking jacket child QUECHUA FORCLAZ 500 is ideal for young adventurers. Genuine accessory for the adventurer in grass, it is both waterproof and breathable. Ultra comfortable up the mountain, this wind breaker junior protects you from the climate change suddenly in altitude and weather. Has both a technical and versatile, it is tailored for the adventure !

As for the wind-child QUECHUA RAINCUT ZIP, this jacket will be the ally of the young hikers. Very light, provides effective protection in case of rain and may very well be day to day wear or for going to school. Easy to slip into a backpack, it's waterproof and breathable to keep the young ones cool and dry throughout the day.

Finally, the jacket without sleeve QUECHUA GOM F700 is ideal for your sports activities. Also functional for a hike for a day cross-country skiing, it protects you from the cold while ensuring a good thermal insulation. Thanks to its softshell fabric, you get excellent protection against the weather and winter conditions.