Ski touring boots


Ski touring

Combining the pleasure of beautiful ascents with powder descents, ski touring is gaining more and more followers each season. Offering a real feeling of freedom, it is a discipline that is highly prized by lovers of nature and wide open spaces. With ski touring, you can get off the beaten track and explore new slopes and secret spots. Away from the crowds, you can enjoy wild landscapes while pushing the limits of the terrain and reaching new heights.

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Choosing your ski touring boots

What could be more painful than having sore feet in your ski boots! To take full advantage of your ascents, it is essential to choose your ski touring boots carefully. To do this, several criteria should be taken into account: your shoe size, the type of skiing you do and your level. Finding the right boot for you is not an easy task, especially for ski touring and freerando.

In freerando skiing, the emphasis is on comfort on the way down, but these freeride boots must also be comfortable on the way up. In ski touring, however, the emphasis is on lightness with plenty of travel to free up the shin. During the ascent, in the walking position, the boots must offer great freedom of movement to push and gain in support transmission.

When choosing ski touring boots, it all depends on your preferred terrain. In order to alternate between ascents and descents and to swallow the differences in altitude, it is recommended to have boots that are light, with a good tread position and that favour the transmission of support.

All used ski touring boots

On Ski Occas, you will find a selection of used ski boots to equip yourself at the best price. And if you need help, our advisors are there to guide you and help you choose the equipment best suited to your needs. Like the ZERO G TECNICA ski touring boots, which ensure fluidity of movement, comfort and performance. You will be able to enjoy long walks and unique climbs thanks to their flexibility and good travel. The TRANSALP FISCHER ski touring boots offer excellent control and stability. Thermoformable, you will be able to optimize your walking comfort and have a unique skiing experience.