Technical underwear


During your winter holidays, remember to dress well to brave the winter cold and falling temperatures. On the ski slopes, as all winter sports enthusiasts know, it is imperative to wear 3 layers. The first layer is a technical undergarment in direct contact with the skin that allows perspiration to evacuate. Then, the second layer is a fine down jacket or fleece to provide warmth and thermal insulation. Finally, the third layer is a waterproof jacket or windproof jacket to protect you permanently from the elements.

The technical underwear is a first layer that is worn during winter sports activities. It is worn on the same skin to ensure good air circulation, capture body heat and continuously wick away moisture. Regulating perspiration, it dries quickly and does not transmit cold to the body. Made from innovative fibres and fabrics, it regulates body temperature.


WED'ZE XWARM women's technical underwear is both comfortable and efficient. Indispensable for your days on the ski slopes, it is a first layer very pleasant to wear. Protecting you naturally from the cold, it is made of wool to capture heat and continuously wick away moisture. Thanks to its excellent air circulation, it keeps your body cool and dry throughout the day, even during intense sporting effort. Finally, with stretch and airy inserts, you have great freedom of movement under your ski jacket to negotiate turns.

The FLOWFIT QUECHUA children's fleece is a functional and very comfortable first layer. Designed for young skiers, it protects against cold and wind in all circumstances. In addition, its woollen construction naturally captures heat and creates a barrier against cold and humidity.

Finally, the F500 QUECHUA technical underwear will be a real shield against the cold and the harshest winter conditions. Fully lined, this cozy little nest will provide long-lasting protection for children to discover the joys of skiing and enjoy their day on the slopes. Evacuating humidity, it ensures good air circulation to keep them dry.

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