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Complete Sizing Guide for Ski Equipment

Choosing the right size for your ski equipment is crucial to fully enjoy the joys of the mountains. Whether you practice ski mountaineering, alpine skiing, freeride skiing, or ski touring, selecting the right size is essential to ensure safety and comfort. This guide centralizes the essential advice for each type of ski equipment, tailored to every skier profile, whether for children, women, or men.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Equipment

Ski Size Guide

Choosing the right ski size is fundamental to optimize your performance and safety on the slopes. Advanced skiers may prefer longer skis for better stability at high speed, while beginners may benefit from the maneuverability of shorter skis. To determine the ideal size, consider your experience level, height, and the type of skiing you practice.

Ski Pole Size Guide

The size of your ski poles directly affects your posture and skiing technique. As a general rule, to find the ideal size, your poles should reach the ground when you hold them upside down, with the handles touching the ground and your arms forming a 90-degree angle. Consult our specific page to choose poles suitable for your practice, whether on groomed slopes or for ski touring.

Ski Helmet Size Guide

A well-fitted helmet is essential for your safety on the slopes. It should be tight enough not to move during sudden movements while remaining comfortable. Don't forget to consider the space needed for your glasses if you wear them.

Ski Glove Size Guide

Well-fitted ski gloves contribute to a better grip and optimal thermal comfort. They should allow complete freedom of movement and prevent fogging during intense activity. To find the right size, measure the circumference of your hand and the length of your middle finger.

Ski Boot Size Guide

Ski boots should provide adequate support without compromising blood circulation. It's important to choose a boot that fits not only the length of your foot but also its width and volume. A good fit ensures ski control and comfort on the slopes.

Ski Goggle Size Guide

Choosing ski goggles should take into account compatibility with your helmet and protection against fogging, especially for glasses wearers. Make sure the goggles fit well on your face for maximum protection and clear visibility.


Get Ready for the Slopes: Choose the Right Size Equipment

Equipping yourself with the right size ski equipment is essential for safe and enjoyable practice. We hope this guide helps you make the best choices according to your needs and skiing practice. For more details on each type of equipment, feel free to visit the specific pages linked in each section.