After a long day of skiing, what could be more enjoyable than putting on his after-ski ? To keep your feet warm and dry during your walks in the snow, shoes in winter are a must !

The after-ski QUECHUA INUIT 700 PHONE BOX you will adhere well even on snow-covered pavements without the risk of slipping. Very comfortable and stylish, these snow boots are also very practical for your snow-shoe walks. Thanks to their rising stem, they protect you effectively from cold and moisture, so that no snowflake does not fit into your boots. Thanks to their membrane Novadry, your feet stay warm and dry throughout the day.

As for the after-ski man TARUKA, they provide excellent thermal comfort thanks to their membrane and shell. Also comfortable to wear for walking in the snow for an output racket, these snow boots are waterproof and breathable and creates a real barrier against the cold of winter. In addition, their outsole ensures grip and grip to tackle the terrain more steep and more slippery.

Ls snow boots women QUECHUA TIKA LADY are fully lined and adorned with a pretty collar in faux fur. To wander at the foot of the slopes, or walk on snow, they provide good walking comfort. Thanks to their thermal insulation, keep you your feet good and warm and enjoy a roll of the foot smooth and natural.

Finally, the après-ski child HABS are hot, functional, and comfortable. With an outsole Essensole, they allow the children to play in the snow without the risk of slipping. In addition, they maintain their feet warm throughout the day. And for toddlers, the model BIBOU will accompany them making their first steps in the snow ! Thanks to their water repellent treatment, their feet remain warm and outsole ensures a good stability.


The kids walking boots QUECHUA CROSSROCK intended for young adventurers in search of excitement in the mountains. Very comfortable, they allow children to navigate steep trails without difficulty. Thanks to their sole outside rubber, they offer a good grip without compromise with the comfort of walking. Their EVA midsole cushions each to optimize the transmission energy and reduce muscle fatigue.

About the shoes walking boots QUECHUA FORCLAZ 500, they will appeal to all fans of nature and the great outdoors. Designed to make hiking accessible to all, these shoes are home to 20 years of research and expertise. Combining grip, comfort, protection and lightweight, they adapt perfectly to your foot. Tested in real, these mountain shoes that will meet your needs through tests in altitude, on any type of terrain. Waterproof and breathable, they provide excellent protection against the cold and moisture. In addition, thanks to their rising stem, your feet are correctly maintained in order to overcome all the obstacles on the trail. Finally, their outsole is equipped with studs to reach the summits in confidence !