List of products by brand THE NORTH FACE

If the american brand has chosen in 1966 as the name " The North Face ", the face of the mountain, the more difficult it is to translate the passion of the two designers for mountaineering, a sport unforgiving with its practitioners. With products from THE NORTH FACE, celebrate your passion for sports outdoor and your respect for the environment.


Specializing in outdoor sports, the brand THE NORTH FACE brings together, since 1966, all lovers of nature to meet their requirements and exceed their limits. Tested by athletes all around the world, the products of the brand meet all a process of development to be the most adapted to our environment. Today, THE NORTH FACE offers a range of technical clothing, hiking shoes but also a lot of equipment for high performance. No mountain of resistance in the face of the technicality of the clothing brand, no summit is too high, too far. No trek is infeasible, no obstacle is insurmountable, if you are equipped with outdoor clothes THE NORTH FACE !


To become the reference for the expeditions, The North Face strives to create products that can cope with all weather conditions, so nothing will dampen the enthusiasts of adventure and the adventurers. Sponsoring sports events, but also of great athletes such as Xavier De Le Rue, Tom Wallish, or Seb Chaigneau, the brand displays its commitment to the development of always more innovative products for lead athletes to the heights.


Recognized the world over for their technical outerwear and high performance, The North Face continues each season going the extra mile to innovate and offer sustainable products and techniques. For each explorer in everyone, The North Face has developed a whole range of ski jackets as colorful as it is functional. The ski jacket THE NORTH FACE SICKLINE is a real shield against the winter weather. With a waterproofness and insulation infallible, it will help you achieve your goals while battling the natural elements. The ski jacket The North Face INSULATED CASIE and snow skirt will accompany you to the snow courses that are as yet unexplored ! Make your own trace and make the most of your day ride with a jacket of insulating and breathable. For going outdoor, check out the polar The North Face which you offer softness and warmth to the touch of winter. Their stretch fabric leaves you free of your movements to practice your favorite sport !


Concern to respect the environment and protect the nature, The North Face continues to innovate and to share in its efforts to preserve the nature. In particular, it is provided by 100% green electricity at its european headquarters and has developed a strategy for recycling clothes and shoes. Developing ethical standards for its products, it contributes to behaviour change and raises awareness in the face of climate change. Supporting several projects that promote the conservation of the environment, The North Face subsidizes ecological organizations while communicating on his passion of the great natural areas to protect. The technicality with respect to the environment, The North Face disrupts the behaviour and promotes the conservation of natural areas by making their products more environmentally friendly, and its investment in major environmental causes. Explore, respect the environment and share your passion for nature.