Children's ski helmets

Helmets are compulsory for ski lessons in ski schools and are essential for all skiers, whether they are beginners or experienced skiers! Safety, comfort and performance - find out everything you need to know about choosing a junior ski helmet. 


It is not without reason that French ski schools require young skiers to wear helmets! Children's ski helmets protect their heads from falls as well as from collisions between skiers, which can sometimes be violent! Much more than a simple piece of equipment, the ski helmet is essential both on and off the slopes! Junior ski helmets considerably reduce the potential after-effects of a ski fall! Your children will be able to safely hit the slopes this winter.


On Ski Occas discover a wide selection of children's helmets all in good working order! Second hand yes but just as good as a new ski helmet! Offer your child the best protection with a junior ski helmet without breaking the bank! All the helmets offered on Skioccas have been fully checked with numerous control and safety points, and disinfected by our team of experts.


An essential protection but the ski helmets for children also bring a considerable comfort! The ski helmet, covering the whole head, keeps your child warm, especially the ears. In addition, most children's ski helmets are equipped with a ventilation system or zones to evacuate moisture and heat if necessary! Finally, the ski helmets also allow you to hold your ski masks thanks to the mask clips placed at the back of the helmet, so that your children can remove their ski mask without ever losing it! 

In order to choose the best ski helmet for your children it is important to take into account several criteria. For example the type of moulding of the helmet, there are several and the two main ones are; the traditional moulding, a bit heavy and the In-Moud moulding much lighter. Then certain finishes such as removable (washable) interior foam or integrated visors and audio devices are available on certain helmets! 

But the most important thing when choosing a ski helmet for children is the use they will make of it! If your child is a beginner and is just starting to ski, a classic helmet may be suitable. However, if your child is a member of the ski club at your resort and is starting to train regularly for future competitions, then you will need to equip him or her with a competition ski helmet (with a chin strap to protect the back of the head as well as the front).

And for even more protection, equip your children with a back protector for their first ski competitions or wrist protectors for their first snowboard lessons!