Winter is finally here, and it's important to keep warm when it gets cold. To cope with falling temperatures while enjoying the beautiful winter days, don't forget to wear a hat. Indeed, body heat escapes through the head, and the hat will capture this heat in order to resist the cold.

For winter sports as well as for everyday style, the hat completes the winter outfit but above all effectively protects your head and ears from the elements. Lined with fleece, with a lapel or a pompom, the hat is very soft and repels the wind and cold in all circumstances. Nowadays, the biggest fashion brands specialising in fashion offer colourful, functional and stylish models every year, so that there is something for everyone!


For those who are more sensitive to the cold, discover our chapkas VICTOIRE ET COMPAGNIE. A timeless model, this headgear from Russia has two flaps that can be folded down on the sides to create a real barrier against the cold and wind. In the mountains as in the city, the chapka is more than a hat, it is the assurance to face the harshest winter conditions with style.

Furthermore, during your winter outdoor activities, remember to protect yourself from the cold with the TORRENT necklace. Very practical and functional, it is the essential accessory to create a shield against the cold and keep your throat warm. Fully lined with fleece, this neck warmer offers good breathability by continuously wicking away moisture.

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