Children's snowboards

Just as when choosing an adult snowboard, when choosing a child's snowboard it is important to take into account certain criteria. The level, the style of snowboard and the size. Discover how to choose a snowboard on Skioccas 


On Skioccas, you will find all the snowboards of the biggest brands at low prices! Ideal for beginners as well as for experts, choosing a used snowboard allows you to get the best equipment even with a small budget. All our children's snowboards are reconditioned as new, safety points are checked, edges and base are maintained by our team of experts. For a first season or to acquire your own snowboard, buy a children's snowboard and save money without compromising on the quality and performance of the product! 


As good as adult boards, children's snowboards are specially designed to help your child progress. Versatile, with an ultra-easy grip, and a well-distributed flex so that they can make their first turns easily, children's boards allow them to progress quickly and gain speed and confidence with each ride. 

As with skiing, children quickly find their favourite area, so if your child is more attracted to the snowpark, choose a freestyle board, but if he or she prefers to ride long distances in the powder on the edge of the piste or off-piste in the woods, choose a freeride snowboard for children. And for those who don't want to choose, opt for an all-mountain snowboard for kids, versatile and easy to handle. 

All the brands proposed on Skioccas are well known for their snowboard equipment. Discover Burton kids snowboards, a brand known and recognized as one of the best for snowboarding, a sure value for a versatile snowboard with a range of snowboards Burton ultra complete for all styles and all levels. The Nitro snowboard brand is also a specialist snowboard brand and is equally popular with snowboarding experts. Rossignol snowboards and Salomon snowboards benefit from the best manufacturing technologies of these two French brands. 


Offer him a complete snowboard equipment with a snowboard for child, snowboard boots for child but also used snowboard bindings. Don't forget safety, equip him with a child's ski helmet or a back protector for the first falls! 

And for style, find him a brand new ski suit from the biggest brands at very low prices, such as ski jackets for children or ski pant for children