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Our commitment to quality and transparency at Skioccas

Origin and Maintenance of Our Equipment

All our inventory comes from renowned rental parks such as Precision Ski Rent, Ski Républic, and Freeride, which are integral parts of the Danisports group. We are committed to ensuring that each piece of used ski equipment is not only regularly maintained every season but also between each rental. Therefore, when you choose SkiOccas, you can be assured of acquiring equipment that has undergone consistent and meticulous professional maintenance.

State-of-the-Art Workshop

Our workshop located in Séez (73700) is equipped with the most advanced REICHMANN / CHATEX technologies for the maintenance and repair of skis. Each item, whether it's skis, boots, poles, or snowboards, undergoes a rigorous process: sorting, selection, revision, and refurbishment. Our experts ensure regular and thorough maintenance to provide our customers with reliable and high-performance ski equipment.

Reconditioning Process

At the end of the season, the Danisports group sorts and replenishes the equipment. Rental skis and snowboards are classified based on their condition, and those selected are intended for sale on SkiOccas. We ensure that any equipment with defects or significant wear is excluded from our sales inventory.

Our workshop is also equipped with state-of-the-art automated machines, allowing our technicians to preserve the high quality of the skis and offer used equipment in nearly new condition.

Discover our SF-1 machine, unique in France, capable of processing up to 100 pairs of skis per hour, combining robustness and precision for superior quality maintenance.