The pleasure of varied landscapes, immense panoramas and everything that the mountains have to offer is sought after by many outdoor sports enthusiasts. It's impossible to think about your next hike without thinking about your equipment. Like any other sport, safety in the mountains is paramount and cannot be left to chance. Skioccas offers second hand outdoor equipment for all your excursions.

As for any other sport, it is essential to adopt the right gestures as well as the right equipment. Especially in hiking where the effort is made over a distance, it is therefore necessary that your equipment follows you throughout your hike without hindering your progress.


The most important thing? Hiking shoes! Low or high, flexible or robust, hiking boots must meet your needs while ensuring your safety throughout your hike! The second hand hiking boots sold on Skioccas respect all the criteria necessary for a good pair of hiking boots. The condition of the outer soles is checked so that they prevent you from slipping while keeping you dry in case of rain and humidity!

For the younger ones, skioccas offers different pairs of junior hiking shoes that will make them want to follow you on walk after walk. Offer them the pair of JR Quechua Forclaz Grey/Brown hiking boots, ultra comfortable, and waterproof but also breathable thanks to a Novadry membrane. With a high shaft, they will perfectly support your children's ankles so that they can safely cross all kinds of obstacles. 


Important during your hikes, walking poles allow you to remain stable and safe. But they also take the pressure off you during long hikes in the mountains. Our advice? The CARBON C4 TRAILSTICK hiking poles from KOMPERDELL, a pioneering brand in the manufacture and sale of hiking poles. They are designed in carbon and foldable for easy transport. Equipped with a Push Pin locking system and adjustable, they will adapt to all terrains!