Men's ski pant

Complete your men's ski outfit with second hand ski trousers at low prices! Whatever your style and your technical expectations on Skioccas you will necessarily find your happiness! 


To fully enjoy your new ski trousers it must be adapted to your skiing, you will not have the same expectations if you prefer to ski on the slopes than off-piste or snowpark. The three criteria to take into account are: the waterproofness, the breathability and the warmth of your men's ski trousers. On Skioccas you will find a wide range of second hand men's ski trousers.

We take the time to check each second hand clothes proposed to guarantee you the best possible material! All in very good condition, the second hand ski trousers for men are a very good alternative, save money by buying your ski clothes on Skioccas without compromising on the aesthetics of the clothes or their technicality 


In order to be totally free of your movements think of taking a trouser size neither too tight nor too wide, take your usual size or a size above if you want to put technical underwear underneath! Then look at the characteristics of your trousers.

The waterproofness, the most important criterion when buying your men's ski trousers because it ensures you to stay dry all day whatever the weather or your playground ! The North Face, Salomon or Quiksilver ski trousers are known for their waterproofness and the brands are constantly developing new techniques to make their products even more waterproof. 

The second criterion to take into account is the breathability of your ski trousers. Indeed it is important to stay dry with waterproof trousers but it is also important that your ski trousers let escape the surplus of body heat which can cause perspiration and the effect of heat stroke in full activity! 

Finally and since we know that in the mountains we are never safe from a small snow storm or a white day in the mist, the lining of your trousers will keep you warm! If you choose ski trousers with a thin lining, it will be preferable to equip you with leggings in under-layer for the coldest days, on the contrary useless to equip you with a technical underwear if your trouser lining is rather thick, sometimes even in polar for even more comfort! 

The little extras of your trousers: The waterproof pocket seams which offer even more protection against moisture and cold! The snow gaiters that prevent snow from seeping under your trousers and into your shoes in case of thick powder or a fall! The vents are often located on the inside of the thighs. The large zipped pockets that allow you to ski without carrying a backpack! Small details that make your skiing days even more pleasant and enjoyable!