Women's Ski Jacket

Get a second-hand ski jacket for women from the biggest brands specialising in board sports. 


You have been dreaming for years of this beautiful and iconic red Fusalp ski jacket, with its slim fit and its beautiful faux fur hood, you have been eyeing it for so long! Thanks to Ski Occas, you can get the jacket of your dreams for less!

Buying a second hand women's ski jacket doesn't mean that you are compromising. On Skioccas all women's ski jackets are checked and if necessary repaired. Thanks to the "condition" assigned to the used ski clothing, you can determine for yourself, before buying, the state of wear of the garment! If there are any visible defects, these will be indicated in the product description.


Apart from the aesthetic aspect of your jacket and your clothing style, several criteria should be taken into account when choosing a second-hand women's ski jacket. 

The most important criterion: not to be cold! And for that, no need to superimpose layers, only 3 layers are necessary to optimize the warmth contribution. The famous 3 layer system! And the third layer is your ski jacket, the one that protects you from bad weather, insulates you from the wind and the cold and allows you to stay dry and warm all day long whatever the weather!

Your women's ski jacket must therefore be waterproof. If your ski jacket doesn't protect you from moisture or potential snow or rain fall, you will stay wet all day. And that's the best way to get sick and ruin the rest of your ski week!

You also need to consider the lining of the ski jacket, some ski jackets are waterproof but not lined, they are used as a "protective" layer to fight the weather but do not provide enough warmth for a whole day on the ski slopes! Don't worry, 90% of ski jackets have a lining, there are even several on the market, Polyester, STR, Microsoft, Polartec .... Thanks to the fibres used, which trap warm air, you will stay warm all day long.

Just like a car, waterproofing and lining are standard on 90% of women's ski jackets, but the little extras that make your day easier and your jacket more comfortable are optional! The vast majority of adult ski jackets have these but it's always best to make sure! Pockets for example, make sure your jacket has a ski pass pocket or an inside pocket on the left hand side so that you can pass your ski pass on (without having to take it out at every lift). The snow skirt is also important depending on your level of skiing, if you are an off-piste skier prefer a jacket with a snow skirt which will prevent the snow from getting inside the jacket or trousers in case of a fall in the powder! As well as wrist straps and thumb loops.

Now that you have all the keys in hand to find your future second hand ski jacket, discover our second hand women's ski trousers and complete your outfit!