Adult ski helmets

On Ski Occas discover a wide selection of used ski helmets for men and women! An essential part of your ski equipment, the ski helmet protects your head against possible after-effects in case of a fall or collision! All the helmets for adults offered on Skioccas have been checked with numerous control and safety points, and disinfected by our team of experts. Whether you prefer off-piste skiing to on-piste skiing, get a ski helmet for adults and go skiing in complete peace of mind.


In order to enjoy optimal safety it is essential to choose the right size of helmet, if it is too small you will not be able to wear it for long, if it is too big it will not fully protect you and could even injure you more in case of a fall. To know the size of your future helmet, you just have to measure your head size. To do this, take a tape measure and place it around your head, it should pass over your ears and eyebrows. Adult helmet sizes are between 50 and 65 cm. 

Once you have found the right helmet size, you now need to take into account your skiing level and your style! If you ski all season long and are fond of long days of skiing, choose a helmet with zones or a ventilation system. The more intense the effort, the more the body heat increases, the ventilation systems allow to evacuate the excess heat in order to avoid sweating.


Today's adult ski helmets are designed to provide maximum safety for skiers while offering maximum comfort. An essential protection and a significant comfort. Adult ski helmets now come with a number of finishes and features that can make all the difference. Firstly, a ski helmet will keep you warm, and secondly, depending on the adult ski helmet you choose, it may allow you to listen to music! There are also ski helmets with removable inner foams (machine washable), which are very practical for washing your helmet at the end of the season! 

If you opt for a helmet + a ski mask, you should know that all adult ski helmets have a mask attachment at the back so that you never lose your mask! But it is now possible to buy a ski helmet with an integrated visor in this case the visor is often removable allowing you to position it on top of the helmet if you want to enjoy the sun, perfect also for those who wear glasses!