Ski Gloves


Against the cold, wind and snow, complete your ski equipment with mittens or ski gloves. Whether on the ski slopes or on a chairlift ride, you can quickly get cold fingers. Ski gloves protect you effectively from the most extreme temperatures while ensuring freedom of movement and continuous moisture wicking. Warm, comfortable and insulating, ski gloves also ensure a good grip on the pole to promote balance and boost your performance. Thanks to the generous air volume, the lining and the grip, the gloves and ski mittens allow you to enjoy beautiful days of skiing even in extreme conditions.

Whatever your level of skiing, whether you spend the day on the slopes or on the terrace, remember to protect your fingers from drops in temperature. This will keep your extremities warm and maximize your comfort at altitude.


We do not all have the same sensitivity to the cold, which is why it is essential to choose the pair of gloves best suited to our needs. Functional and comfortable, ski gloves are very handy to ensure a good grip on the ski pole, to access your backpack or to take out your ski pass.

As for the ski mittens, they offer a wraparound shape and prevent the cold and wind from slipping through your fingers. Finally, lobsters are the ideal mix between gloves and mittens. Wrapping the hands, they offer good thermal efficiency by insulating the thumb and forefinger. Thus, heat is preserved and grip is optimized.

The KATA LADY ZIENER ski gloves with their sober design bring together all the technical features to accompany you on the slopes this winter. Fully lined, they are warm and insulating while ensuring good breathability. Moreover, they stay well in place while ensuring great freedom of movement.

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