Fleece - Softshell


For your next winter sports holiday, remember to dress well to make the most of your days on the ski slopes. To brave the cold and stay dry, we advise you to follow the universal principle of the 3-layer system. Because each garment has a distinct function, this layering will allow you to gain in comfort, freedom of movement and never get cold even in harsh winter conditions. The first layer is a technical undergarment that lets perspiration through and wicks moisture away. As for the second layer, it captures heat and diffuses it throughout the body. Finally, the third layer insulates and protects from the weather thanks to its water-repellent treatment.

The fleece is a second layer that provides good thermal insulation because it captures and redistributes heat. Warm and light, the fleece is ideal to wear as a second layer under the ski jacket. It allows perspiration to pass through and provides excellent air circulation to keep you dry throughout the day.


For skiing, discover the comfort of the BIONNASSAY CUDDLY fleece jacket for women. As pleasant to wear for skiing as for walking at the foot of the slopes, this woman's fleece ensures good air circulation. Capturing efficiently the heat, it diffuses it for a maximum of comfort at each movement.

The second layer WED'ZE MIDSOFT is a very soft fleece for your winter holidays. Whether you are sporty or not, it will surprise you with its comfort and freedom of movement. Practical and functional, it creates a barrier against cold and humidity to keep your body warm during your skiing session. The QUECHUA F500 sleeveless fleece jacket has been designed for your summer hikes. On cooler days, it protects you from the wind while keeping your upper body warm. This fleece vest is fully lined for maximum comfort and warmth.


The QUECHUA CAPCIR 700 softshell jacket has been designed to meet the needs of Nordic ski enthusiasts. Cross-country skiing or skating, it protects in all circumstances, from cold, wind and bad weather.

Just like the BIONNASSAY 400 jacket and its pretty, sporty and modern cut. For your outdoor activities as well as for your everyday life, it ensures a high level of comfort thanks to its fleece lining. In addition, this technical jacket is very stylish and will follow you in all your daily adventures.

Finally, the sleeveless QUECHUA GIL F700 is a softshell jacket that protects you from the elements thanks to its water-repellent treatment. In addition, it offers excellent thermal insulation and repels moisture. It protects from the cold while being breathable and allows you to face the rain as well as the snow. Finally, it is made with a quality fabric to ensure good elasticity with every movement.