Adult snowboard boots


Complete your snowboard equipment with a pair of second hand snowboard boots for adults at a low price. All the ski and snowboard equipment offered on Skioccas are reconditioned to new in order to offer you affordable products! Fully cleaned, disinfected and repaired if necessary, discover all our pairs of snowboard boots among the biggest snowboard brands. Snowboard boots Vans or Head, you will find a pair of boots to suit you.


The choice of your future pair of snowboard boots will depend on your level and your practice of snowboarding. If you are new to snowboarding, opt for a soft boot. Lighter and more comfortable, the soft flex snowboard boots will allow you to gain in manoeuvrability and comfort in order to feel more at ease in your learning. Thanks to this flex you will feel every movement and be able to correct yourself more easily. 

For more experienced skiers looking for performance, opt for a stiffer boot. With better foot support and power transmission, you'll gain speed and technique quickly. 

To choose the right pair of snowboard boots, you first need to know your level and secondly your desired style of snowboarding. If you like snowpark sessions, your snowboard boots will be less rigid than freeride boots which require more support for off-piste riding.


An important criterion is the lacing system of your pair of snowboard boots! There is no point in buying a pair of rigid boots if you can't tighten them properly, you will lose all your rigidity because of the tightening. All snowboard boots are designed in two parts, the boot where you put your foot and the boot where the boot is put on! So there are two parts to tighten. 

Choose your type of tightening: 

Classic lacing: a simple lace on the boot which has the advantage of being able to be tightened as you wish, but with the disadvantage of being able to loosen after a few runs.

Classic / Quick lacing: classic lacing system on the boot completed with thin laces on the liner to tighten the top of the liner for more support.

Cable lacing: the laces are replaced by cables adjusted by a knob on the boot

Boa lacing: the cables and the knob are connected to a reel on the boot for a more precise and powerful tightening of the liner and the boot at the same time

Dissociated tightening: a system that allows different parts of the boot to be tightened differently, often either the top or the bottom. A cable for each part of the shoe with an additional tightening for the boot. This system is appreciated by those who wish to be completely free of tightening.