Maintenance tools


Before the winter season, it is strongly recommended to work on the soles to enjoy an ideal glide according to the outdoor conditions.

To do this, you need :

- a brush and a cloth to clean your soles

- a sharpener to work on your edges and gain precision at every turn

- a waxing table and an iron to apply the wax

- a squeegee and a brush to obtain a nice finish.

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The regular maintenance of ski equipment has several functions, to ensure a good glide and to secure the skier. It is also a guarantee of performance and durability for your skis.

After each session, we recommend that you check the condition of your soles. If there are any scratches or holes, use spark plugs to easily fill in the holes and find a smooth and uniform sole. Then, with the help of an edge sharpener, you can rework the inclination to gain in aggressiveness and speed. Finally, apply wax to all the soles to maintain a pleasant and grip-free glide.

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