Ski pants

Ski and snowboard trousers on Ski Occas

To fully enjoy the ski slopes, it is better to be well equipped! Whether you're a skier or snowboarder, it doesn't matter what your favourite sport is. In winter, ski clothing is essential to stay warm and dry throughout the day. After choosing your ski jacket, it's time to move on to your trousers.

For a perfect ski session, your ski trousers must meet your expectations and offer maximum comfort to enjoy the ski slopes in all weathers. Skiing is an intense sport, your body will heat up and sweat. The trousers must therefore be both waterproof to protect you from the snow, but must also be insulating to create a barrier against the cold.

Which ski trousers to choose?

For downhill skiing, whatever your level, a good pair of technical ski trousers will be essential. Thermal insulation is an essential criterion to keep you warm at altitude. Then, waterproofing and breathability will be essential to protect you from bad weather, wind and humidity. Finally, to protect the trousers from edge damage, look for a model with reinforcements at the bottom of the leg. Warmth, moisture wicking and insulation are all important to ensure that your needs on the slopes are met.

If you are going ski touring, it is recommended that you choose ski trousers that are windproof, breathable and insulating. Ski touring is a very physical activity and your body will quickly heat up. The ski trousers must be breathable in order to evacuate moisture quickly and continuously to keep you dry. Secondly, you will need something with good thermal insulation to protect you from the cold and extreme winter conditions. Finally, the trousers must offer excellent freedom of movement so that you can move at ease. The trousers should be equipped with reinforcements at the bottom of the leg, preformed knees or snow gaiters. So you can go exploring to reach the summits and satisfy your desire to escape while being well equipped!

The choice of freeride ski trousers is essential to get out into the powder fields and get that feeling of freedom. Get off the beaten track and directly into the off-piste! Several characteristics must be taken into account in order to choose the right ski trousers for off-piste skiing. First of all, choose a waterproof and breathable model to protect you from snow and humidity. Indeed, freeriding is a more committed discipline than downhill skiing and requires a high level of waterproofing. As for snow gaiters, they will be indispensable in fresh snow to prevent snow from entering. In addition, choose trousers with multiple reinforcements to resist possible falls and crampon blows in the event of mountaineering.

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