Ski and Shoe Covers


When you travel by car, plane or train, the ski cover is essential to protect your equipment. Not only does it reduce the consequences of an impact, but it also preserves the performance of the skis and increases their durability. Resistant to humidity, ski covers form a barrier against bad weather. In addition, after the ski season, it is strongly recommended that you store your equipment in a cover to prevent rust and dust accumulation that can affect the performance of your equipment.

The PRECISION SKI ski cover is easy to transport. It can hold a pair of 190 cm, and is designed for all skiers looking for a simple and practical accessory. As for the ALPINE RACE FISCHER ski bag, it is ideal for carrying 3 pairs together. Ultra robust, it has a double zip as well as compression straps to keep the skis together and maximize their safety. So you can travel around the world without worrying about shocks or bad weather.


To get to the top of a race or move from resort to resort, opt for a ski boot cover. They protect the hooks and prevent rust from forming due to poor drying.

Thanks to the PRECISION SKI boot cover, there is no risk of damaging your equipment! Its adjustable carrying strap allows you to move around easily while keeping your hands free. Finally, the FISCHER BACKPACK rucksack offers a large volume to insert your boots but also a ski helmet. Its waterproof bottom ensures you a good protection even if you put it in the snow. Moreover, thanks to its back reinforcement, you will be able to travel for miles without worrying about your comfort.

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