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A legacy of excellence and innonvation 

The story of Rossignol dates back to 1907 in the majestic French Alps, where Abel Rossignol, a passionate craftsman, laid the foundations of this iconic brand. From its humble beginnings making handcrafted wooden skis, Abel Rossignol already embodied a forward-thinking vision, aspiring to create unparalleled quality in skiing equipment.

Rossignol's evolution over the decades is a true story of commitment and progression. From a small artisan workshop to a global presence, the brand has managed to preserve its core values while embracing innovation and modernity. This gradual transition has solidified Rossignol's reputation as an undisputed leader in the ski industry.

Throughout the years, Rossignol's relentless pursuit of quality and innovation has been its driving force. The brand has remained true to its roots while positioning itself as a beacon of excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries of performance and technology in skiing and winter sports.

From these modest beginnings to its current status as an essential reference, Rossignol embodies an exceptional legacy, steeped in an unchanging passion for excellence and innovation. These values continue to animate the brand and guide each product, offering enthusiasts an unforgettable sliding experience, shaped by decades of expertise and dedication.

A reputation of excellence 

Rossignol's unparalleled fame stems from its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Throughout its journey, the brand has agilely adapted to technological evolutions and the diverse expectations of skiers, from top athletes to enthusiastic beginners.

Rossignol's history is marked by a continuous series of innovations and revolutionary developments in the world of skiing. Technological advancements, whether in innovative materials, aerodynamic designs, or groundbreaking sliding systems, have been integrated into each product of the brand, redefining the standards of performance and precision on the slopes.

Rossignol's skis, boots, and equipment do not just adapt to the market; they lead it. Each new iteration is the result of meticulous research and unparalleled expertise, offering skiers a sliding experience that transcends expectations.

This uncontested reputation is based on a deep commitment to innovation and an endless quest to push the limits of performance. Rossignol remains an unrivaled pioneer, continuously redefining the skiing experience for enthusiasts, offering a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship.

A distinguished record : Rossignol, companion of unforgettable victories

Rossignol's imprint in the ski arena, whether alpine or Nordic, is woven with unforgettable triumphs. The brand has played a central role alongside prestigious champions in global competitions, from the Olympic Games to countless international events.

Rossignol skis, renowned for their reliability and precision, have accompanied some of the greatest names in ski history to memorable successes. Their presence on the podiums of the most demanding competitions is tangible proof of their exceptional performance, giving every skier absolute confidence in their equipment.

The multiple victories, Olympic gold medals, and legendary feats etched in ski history bear the Rossignol stamp. These successes have solidified the brand's unshakable reputation as the partner of choice for high-level athletes, and they attest to the trust placed in its products, combining both cutting-edge technology and artisanal expertise.

This tradition of unmatched success and performance reflects a deep commitment to excellence. Rossignol continues to be the preferred choice for skiers of all levels, offering a comprehensive range of equipment designed to inspire confidence and achievement on the most demanding slopes.

The Rossignol range at Skioccas : tadition and quality 

At Skioccas, we offer a wide selection of Rossignol products. This renowned brand represents a symbol of excellence in the world of skiing for decades. Discover our Rossignol collection that reflects the heritage of innovation and success of this iconic brand.

From high-performance skis to technical clothing, every item in the Rossignol range available at Skioccas embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. You can rely on the quality and expertise of this emblematic brand to experience exceptional sliding adventures.


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Confort et contrôle. Le modèle Kelia 50 offre aux skieuses débutantes une victoire à tous égards. Conçu spécifiquement pour les femmes, le last généreux de 104 mm résout tous les problèmes courants liés aux zones d'ajustement et maintient le confort du cou-de-pied et améliore le confort jusqu'à la cheville. Le résultat est une meilleure circulation, chaleur et confort de carving en montagne. La coque à 3 boucles offre un contrôle sécurisé.


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STOVE BOX 20 RED BLAZE ski poles from the ROSSIGNOL brand.

A colorful stick to differentiate you on the slopes!

Be careful, identical sticks but slight discrepancy in the washers between the 2 sticks.