Nordic ski boots


Cross-country skiing is a discipline also called "classic" or "not alternative. To combine comfort, technique and performance, cross-country ski boots are equipped with a soft but low collar to offer good driving freedom. In addition, they have a flexible sole to allow a smooth glide and a natural unfolding of the foot.

The X-8 CLASSIC ROSSIGNOL cross-country ski boots will allow you to take to the trails with confidence. Their design is directly inspired by competition models with a streamlined and modern design. Designed for your training as well as for your races, they boost the feeling of responsiveness thanks to their precise and adjusted flex. In addition, they feature Tech Grip technology that allows skiers to walk naturally without being hindered by crampons.

The FISCHER RC3 CLASSIC Nordic ski boots adapt to your level. Leisure or competition, they offer comfort and performance on every outing. They have a thermoformable foam padding that allows you to shape them to your feet for increased comfort. For all classic Nordic ski enthusiasts, they will perfectly meet your expectations. In addition, they have reinforcements on the heel to absorb impacts.


To gain power with each glide and benefit from excellent stability, it's best to choose your Nordic ski boots. Are you a ski skating enthusiast? Discover all our models to split the air and ski in good conditions. For the practice of skating, it is necessary to be equipped with ski boots equipped with an articulated collar in order to optimize the freedom of movement and to be able to go from one foot to the other as a skater. In addition, they have a rising stem to provide maximum stability and to effectively maintain the ankle during lateral thrust. Providing good thermal insulation, they are more tolerant on the supports without compromising your comfort.

The RC7 SKATE FISCHER ski skating boots are designed for good skiers looking for a high-performance model for competition. Lightweight and stable, they are equipped with Polymer Crosslink technology, they efficiently transmit power and support for more control with every movement. In addition, they are fully water-repellent to protect you from moisture and the elements.

As for the ROSSIGNOL X-6 SKATE Nordic ski boots, they perfectly meet the needs of skating enthusiasts. Highly technical, they offer an innovative and streamlined design to adapt perfectly to your foot. Thanks to Mobil Cuff technology, they offer maximum freedom of movement to attack the piste and save precious seconds. Equipped with a velcro strap, they are easy to adjust to optimise your skiing comfort and control on Nordic skis.

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