Children's ski boots


Comfort, precision and safety are the key words in skiing. To make your children feel as comfortable as possible, take the time to measure their feet and find the right pair for them according to their age, weight and level. For beginners, opt for second-hand ski boots that are easy to put on with a soft flex. The flex is an indication of the stiffness of the boot. A high flex offers powerful support but is difficult to handle. A low flex allows beginners and intermediate skiers to hit the slopes with confidence. Finding the ideal second-hand ski boot for your child is not easy, but it is still essential to make sure your child has a memorable ski trip. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, our team of professionals is at your disposal to guide you in your choice. Your child will be proud to have his own equipment!


Used EDGE HEAD children's ski boots are ideal for beginners. Very comfortable, they wrap well around children's feet to guarantee comfort, control and gliding sensations. Moreover, thanks to their flexible flex, they will follow their movements perfectly. As for the COMP J3 ROSSIGNOL children's second-hand ski boots, they combine comfort, performance and pleasure on all types of slopes. For young skiers who wish to improve their technique, these boots will accompany them in their evolution. Finally, the WAYMAKER JUNIOR 4 ATOMIC children's ski boots are equipped with 4 buckles offering optimal technical tightening for greater precision. Budding skiers will easily be able to take to the slopes and gain agility with every turn.

To give them a second life, come and discover these children's ski boots and the biggest brands for your future champions!