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Straight from the Scandinavian countries, cross-country skiing is an ideal discipline for body and mind. Nordic skiing allows you to get away from it all in the middle of nature and on large plateaus where marked and safe tracks await you. This endurance sport not only tones up your figure but also helps to improve your breathing. In the heart of wide open spaces, wild and exotic nature, Nordic skiing allows you to recharge your batteries and get away from it all.

Classic or skating, the practice of cross-country skiing determines the technical equipment you need to have. Indeed, whether you are looking for ski poles for occasional outings or for intensive practice, the ski equipment will not be the same. Choosing the size of the poles is easy! Skating poles must reach the chin while classic cross-country ski poles must reach the armpits.


Ski poles are essential for cross-country skiing. Not only do they help with pushing and picking up speed, but they are also essential for balance. As Nordic skiing is practised on large platforms, cross-country ski poles provide good propulsion. Whether you practice Nordic skiing or skating, the pole is a necessary accessory to gain power.

OFFTRACK FISCHER Nordic ski poles will allow skiers to take to the most demanding slopes and terrain. Very resistant, they offer excellent sliding comfort thanks to their cork handle offering a good grip. In addition, they have washers specially designed for the backcountry, so you can venture out onto any type of terrain.

The FISCHER RACE RC 3 cross-country ski poles will complete the equipment of competitive skiers. Equipped with a very precise and sturdy tip, they are light and very powerful. They will save you precious seconds by favouring the transmission of support with a technical model.

Whether you practice cross-country skiing or skating, it is better to be well equipped. Ski Occas offers a wide selection of Nordic skis and cross-country ski boots

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