Nordic skiing


Coming straight from the Nordic countries, cross-country skiing was a way of getting around across the great snow-covered plains. Today, it is an endurance sport that attracts more and more participants every year. Martin Fourcade, a French biathlete and several times Olympic medallist, has contributed to the popularisation of the discipline. At Ski Occas, we have selected for you Nordic skiing models, cross-country skis and skating skis in order to perfectly meet your expectations.

The TWIN SKIN RACE FISCHER Nordic ski offers an excellent performance thanks to its innovative construction and reduces friction in the recovery of support. As for the X-IUM SKATING ROSSIGNOL cross-country skis, they are designed for demanding skiers looking for performance in their next competition. With a double guide groove, they promote stability and trajectory.


At Ski Occas, you will find a wide selection of Nordic ski boots for every practice, cross-country skiing and skating. According to your discipline and your level, models will be preferred. Just like a classic ski boot, a cross-country ski boot has different technical characteristics to ensure comfort and performance.

For total freedom of movement, most cross-country ski boots have a flexible or even articulated collar to support the ankle. Like the XC COMFORT PRO MY STYLE FISCHER Nordic ski boots. This model, entirely designed for women, has a thermoformable padding to ensure excellent insulation and maximum comfort. In addition, the ROSSIGNOL X-8 CLASSIC cross-country ski boots will be appreciated thanks to their innovative Speelace Lock tightening system ensuring an excellent fit.


Whether you practice cross-country skiing or skating, poles are essential in the equipment. In fact, Nordic ski poles contribute to the skier's balance but also to his or her speed. With the same configuration as alpine ski poles (handle, strap, tube, tip), they are different in size, lightness and wide washers.

Made of composite or aluminium, the function of cross-country ski poles is to transmit support and power during the push in order to gain speed. On Ski Occas, discover a wide selection of Nordic ski poles for each discipline.

Take a look at all our second-hand skissnowboards and ski jackets for a complete outfit! But also accessories, such as ski bagsski helmets or protections to ski safely on the slopes.