Fixations Snowboard


An integral part of the equipment of the snowboard, the bindings are chosen based on the level and the field of evolution. Indeed, the bindings of snow have the role of connecting the boots to the snowboard in order to ensure precise movements as well as a good transmission of energy. In addition, they are actively involved in the experience of gliding and multiplication of the sensations of the ride. Composed of a frame, loop, and a highback, the fixs of snow , ensure a good closure as well as a continuation of the ankle. In addition, they have a flex softer or to track the movement and gain accuracy.

For more advice, please do not hesitate to contact our team of skimans, professionals and lovers of mountain sports. They will help you in the choice of a fixation and will also be able to guide you among the models of snowboard boots.


The fixations snowboard FLOW EVOLVE are designed for beginner to intermediate level. Maximizing the comfort to glide, they have a low rigidity in order to follow each of your movements. In addition, they have loops to be robust, which will remain in place even in case of a fall. Moreover, the bindings snowboard SALOMON will perfectly meet the expectations of snowboarders in the most demanding. Both flexible and robust, they will give you all the support and comfort to boost your performance with maximum control. The bindings of snowboard HEAD junior 4D are ideal for children who already have good base snow. All-mountain, these bindings are for all riders who want to improve their technique both on track and off-track. They optimize the transmission of power and ensuring control and precision on all terrain.

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