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Blizzard Racing Gs Junior Ski Pack

Pack Ski Head Supershape Super Team

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Head brand SUPERSHAPE SUPER TEAM junior ski pack

For future champions on the track!

This product is available with custom options. Do you you want to choose?

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This ski guarantees your child a quick and easy learning experience. Despite its wooden construction, the HEAD brand SUPERSHAPE SUPER TEAM ski pack remains flexible so your child will know how to handle it without any problem and will quickly have fun on all slopes and in all snow conditions.

Designed for introducing children to the joys of skiing, this junior ski pack will give them their very first sensation on spatulas!

Product features :

- Level: beginner - intermediate

- Programme : Piste

- Camber: traditional

- Core : wood


Data sheet

Beginner - Intermediate


Status 1 :
Moderate Wear

These skis have been used for a few seasons. They show visible scratches but are in good working condition. These signs of wear are typical and expected for skis that have already seen some runs. They represent a wise choice for those looking for used skis offering good performance with visible but contained wear.


Status 2 :
Average Wear

These skis have more seasons under their belt and show more obvious signs of wear, including scratches and light impacts. They have been used more frequently but remain in good working condition. Suitable for skiers looking for good value for money, accepting aesthetic wear for high-performing skis.


Status 3 :
Advanced Wear

These skis have been extensively used and show significant signs of wear, such as deep scratches and impacts. Despite their appearance, they have been checked to ensure they still offer a good skiing experience. Ideal for price-conscious buyers, less concerned about aesthetics.